Our Stallion

Ironwood Blitzen, (S1, G1, V and E was born on our farm on July 6, 2001.  He has been with us his entire life.  His dam is SF Saska, a mare we bought through Carol Rivoire’s consignment program. We had the pleasure of spending a week at Beaver Dam Farm’s driving program and driving Carol’s stallion, Gjest, for the session. Gjest’s forwardness, flexibility, and work ethic were amazing. Gjest is no longer alive, so we are pleased to have his son standing as our farm stallion.

Blitzen is a mature horse and has shown versatility in riding, driving and draft performance. He has completed all NFHR performance medallions in riding, driving and draft at the silver and gold level.  He is one of the small number of Fjords with the S1, G1 accomplishment.  He has completed the Versatility Award for a high standard of achievement in these three disciplines.  Blitzen has also finished his Excellence Award for performance in breed and open horse shows.  As with his other awards, Blitzen earned points in a variety of disciplines: dressage, eventing, driving, and draft. He was shown by a host of people in the process. It was a real family and community effort, plus he is a REALLY fun horse to show.

Blitzen has been competing in dressage at Training and First levels. He was the Area II Beginner Novice Champion in 2010. He has earned a gold medal and a blue ribbon award from USEA.  Blitzen is great between the shaves as well and has good results when shown in driving.  He is “the bomb” in cones!!

Blitzen has an outstanding personality.  Blitzen is easy to handle, amiable and quiet. When he is at a show, people are amazed that he is a breeding stallion. He is exceptionally well behaved. He passes on his good mind and temperament to his offspring.  Blitzen lives with a herd of mares and foals year round.  He is a wonderful parent.

He throws good movement and an ability to perform. He has produced some nice babies -- over 40 to date.  A number of his offspring have earned NFHR medallions of qualify in their own right, as well as various awards for showing in dressage and eventing. He is one offspring away from receiving a Hall of Fame award from the NFHR for reproducing performance in his offspring.  He has a red dun gene, so can produce that color if bred to a mare with the same red dun recessive gene

Stud Fee for 2018: Live cover or locally delivered cooled semen only. $500; includes $100 nonrefundable booking fee.  He no longer ships reliably for AI beyond the region.  We have had no problems with AI locally; in fact we have an AI foal for 2017 and another one coming in 2018.  The mare caught on the first insemination in both instances.  His semen is very good, but as an middle aged stallion, it is challenged by the transport process.  Balance due when mare confirms pregnant, LFG.

If you are interested in breeding to this fabulous Fjord, don't hesitate to call us at 540-729-4430 or send us an e-mail at ironwoodfarmva@aol.com.