Special Note About Mares:

I hear from buyers who will only look at geldings because they consider mares to be difficult.  While I agree that there are some mares in other horse breeds who can be challenging and opinionated, Fjord mares are wonderful.   We have had many years of success with mares as the backbone of our lesson program.  We show mares in open competition to great success.  We find Fjord mares to be steady, reliable and happy to work.  We stand a stallion, so if hormonal behavioral is going to happen, we will know about it.  It never happens with any Fjord mare that we have seen over the last 17 years!  So if you are shopping, give mares a chance!

And unfortunately after that pep talk about mares, we have no mares for sale at the moment.  Every horse we have sold in 2017 year has been a mare, but most of the don’t stay on the market for long!