Our Horses

SF Saska, S4, G4, HOF (DOB 4/11/1992) is a Norwegian Fjord from imported Dutch lines. She’s 14.1, rides and drives. Her movement is fantastic. She is still used on our lesson program in her mid-20;s   We appreciate her as the dam of our stallion, Ironwood Blitzen.  His ability to perform is a tribute to her own athleticism.  She earned her NFHR Hall of Fame designation in 2013 for her offspring's performance.


Lupin, S1, G1, E, V and HOF (4/26/1995)  We were pleased to have the chance the buy Lupin a few years ago from Catherine Lassesen. Our first Fjord was her dam, Serina S1, G4, V, and Serina was perfect.   Lupin has a remarkable performance record that she reproduces in her offspring. She is an NFHR Hall of Fame mare.   Lupin has four lovely foals for us Ironwood Roheryn, Ironwood Steffan, Ironwood Valena and Ironwood Yrsa (red dun).  She is now retired from breeding but works regularly in our lesson program and still shows.

L to R: Lupin and her dam,


Helle, S1, G4 (pronounced Hailey) (DOB 4/7/98) is one of the sweetest horses around. Good thing, too because she is named after the Norse goddess of death. (We did not name her.) She rides and drives like a champ. She has the performance awards to prove it, too.   She loves people and never misses the chance for a pat.  Helle is one of our best horses in our lesson program.  Helle has produced three foals: Ironwood Danne Ekstrom (red dun), Ironwood Julian and Ironwood Orion.


Lynnhaven Elli, HOF (DOB 4/4/99) is a busybody. She is interested in EVERYTHING.    A daughter of Malcom Locke, she is a blue ribbon winner at the 2001 VA Fjord Evaluation in conformation. Elli has produced four foals, Ironwood Erik Aleksander, Ironwood Isfjell (red dun), Ironwood Niko, and Ironwood Mary Ann (red dun).  She is a Hall of Fame mare as two of her offspring have earned NFHR Medallions of Quality for performance.  Elli is currently on breeding lease to Kay Schwink and has produced two colts with Kay’s stallion, Bayshore Sno Drift.  The 2017 colt is a white dun, so Elli has 3 colors of offspring!`


Wood’s Else (DOB 5/5/2000)  Margaret took advantage of the Iduna Acre’s herd liquidation to purchase Wood’s Else, a high score conformation mare. Else had produced a number of quality offspring for the Hovre’s breeding program crossing with the Gjest line.    Mares are an important part of any breeding program and Else really shows it the type of quality we want.  Her first two foals, Ironwood Edvard Elrik (red dun) and her 2017 yet to be named filly are terrific.


Plain Dealing’s Eastra (DOB 4/1/07)  We are delighted to have the opportunity to buy this Prydarson/Gemma/Yerxes mare to our breeding program.  Eastra is a very refined Fjord and we felt that crossing her with sporty type like Blitzen should produce a lovely outcome.   We were correct in our theory as shown by Ironwood Bjork and Ironwood Foxlin.  We are expecting an impressive foal in 2017.


Plain Dealing’s Greta (DOB 7/16/08)  We have been so pleased with Eastra’s foals that we purchased a close relative from Linda Wachtmeister’s excellent breeding program.  Greta is being bred for a 2018 foal and will be started under saddle this summer.

Ironwood Mary Ann B3, S4 (DOB 6/17/09)  Mary Ann is the only daughter of the pairing of Ironwood Blitzen/Lynnhaven Elli.   Mary Ann is named in honor of Tom’s mother and has served her namesake well.   She is being shown in dressage and eventing. winning many awards along the way.  She also works in riding lessons.  We are proud to have bred this mare and look forward to finding an outstanding stallion for her future offspring.

Mila and Mary Ann_Morven Park

DC Josefine (DOB 6/3/10)  Last year we purchased DC Josefine who comes from the Deep Creek Farm breeding program run by our friends, Curt Pierce and Marsha Korose.  Josefine is a white dun and replaces our late white dun mare, FC Madellin.  They are related and we expect that Josefine will produce lovely foals with Blitzen, just as Madellin did.  Her first foal is due in July, 2017.

GFF Rosalia (DOB 4/15/15) is a grey dun filly form the Glick Fjord Farm breeding program.  She will not be bred until 2019 after she has been started under saddle.