As a breeding farm, we are most interested in mares and stallions, not geldings.  However, a gelding will show the quality of a line in performance and temperament.  We have found that Fjord geldings are similar to Fjord mares in their behavior and suitability for various riders and activities.


Ironwood Roheryn

Red Dun Gelding, DOB:  4/2/2009, 14.2 hands

Sire: Ironwood Blitzen S1, G1, V, E  Dam:  Lupin, S1, G1, V, E, HOF

Roheryn is a well trained Fjord who has been in regular work with a professional trainer for the past 3 years.  He is a tall, full bodied Fjord with a pleasant personality.  He likes having a job. Has been evaluated by his breed registry and is microchipped.

Roheryn is showing in low level eventing this year.  He has done well at dressage shows, combined tests and starter horse trials (6 firsts and 1 second) against open competition.  He has earned good year end awards for his show results in the last two years.  He moved up to Beginner Novice this May.

He jumps ditches, banks, and natural obstacles.  He crosses water.  He earned his NFHR Silver Medallion of Quality in English riding in 2015.  He also has successfully completed two NFHR Bronze level tests.  Roheryn is a Fjord with a documented performance record and experience.

Roh is a drafty type Fjord and well suited to a larger adult.  He is good inside and outside the ring; handles new places and situations very well.  He would be a great choice for a rider with experience who wants to do low level eventing or fox hunt.  We find the draftier type of build can be challenging for children and beginner riders who lack the riding skills to keep a horse from becoming heavy on the forehand.  Roheryn would not be suitable for an adult beginner or a timid rider. He needs a rider with an independent seat and an appreciation of his training to go forward. 

There are few Fjords available for sale that have Roheryn’s training, performance record and abilities.

Price:  $8,500


Helen and Roh_Dressage 4
Helen and Roh_SJ 3
Helen and Roheryn2

Ironwood Edvard Elrik

Red Dun Gelding, DOB 3/22/16, Should Mature to over 14 hands

Sire:  Blitzen S1, G1, V, E  Dam: Wood’s Else

Edvard is a red dun gelding  from this first time pairing of Blitzen and the blue ribbon confirmation mare Wood’s Else,  We are very pleased with the result. Gelded, registered and weaned.  Edvard stands 12.2 hands and should mature to over 14 hands.  He leads, stands for the farrier and enjoys being groomed.  UTD on shots, worming and Coggins. 

Price: $3200