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Ironwood Farm has been breeding and selling Norwegian Fjord Horses for the last 17 years.   We sell to a national and international market.  We sell our own horses as well as selective consignments

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Our Values

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the world’s oldest and purest horse breeds. The original Fjord Horse was domesticated over 4,000 years ago. Used on hillside farms in western Norway for centuries, this agile, surefooted horse is a trusted worker and family member. The Norwegian people hold this horse in such high regard that they have chosen it as one of their national symbols.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse possess a charming and gentle disposition. They are intelligent and willing to perform a variety of tasks. The strong body and extraordinary power enables the breed to be used for all types of riding, driving, and draft work. Fjords generally range in size from 13.2 to 14.2 hands and weigh between 900 and 1200 lbs. at maturity. They come in a variety of colors -- brown dun, red dun, white dun, gray dun and yellow dun.  The movement of a Fjord is forward, straight and true. Gaits are well balanced. The Fjord has a ground covering walk, powerful trot and a free moving canter.

Until recently there were only a few hundred Fjords in North America. To diversity lineage, Fjords have been imported from Europe. Now there are over 6,000 registered Fjords in North America.  While not a rare breed, Fjords are uncommon.  The Fjord is making a name for itself as a top competitor in sanctioned equine athletic events, including eventing. FEI dressage, advanced combined driving events, and elite carriage driving.  At Ironwood Farm, we compete our horses in dressage and eventing with good results.

Fjords are a wonderful family horse. Kind to children and new riders alike, yet able to perform in the show ring, the driving course or on the hunt field. For more information on Fjords, contact the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry.

What can you expect from Ironwood Farm?

Leadership:  At Ironwood Farm, you receive the kind of quality and professional service you expect from an established breeder who has worked with the Norwegian Fjord breed for many years.

Quality:  We only sell Norwegian Fjords and all of our sale horses are registered with the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry.

Variety:  Since we are breeders, most of our own sale horses are young. We typically have weanlings to two year olds available.  Sometimes, we may have a horse just starting his/her performance career or a consignment horse for sale.   Prices are current but subject to change based on additional training and show records. Several of our horses are in regular competition in dressage and eventing.

Matching:  At Ironwood Farm we believe that finding a good match is imperative.   If we don’t have the horse for your needs, we are happy to refer you to other Fjord owners and breeders who may have that horse.  There are a limited number of Fjords available and a buyer is dealing with a national, sometimes international market.  The Fjord community is a network and we are proud to be members of it.

Customer Relations:  At Ironwood Farm, our highest priority is satisfied customers.  It serves the best interest of our clients and horses to have a good long term working relationship.  We believe in honesty and transparency in our business dealings.  We are proud to serve you and to earn your business.

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Foals and Weanlings